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Adult Day Care Services

Daily Living Adult Day Care is a responsibility that requires knowledge, time, effort, and much, much more. When it comes to entrusting your elderly family member into the hands of elder care professionals, you should only count on the best. At Daily Living Adult Day Care in Kingstree, our superior elder care services are backed by years of experience, a commitment to safety, and compassion.

We understand that as loved one's age, it is important to help them maintain dignity and a sense of security. Our entire team works together in order to provide an environment where you can feel confident leaving your elderly family member for the day. 


Prior to admission at Daily Living facility nurse conducts a nursing assessment with each potential member and their family. Additionally, the primary care physician completes a physician’s assessment. The information received from the assessments along with input from Case Mgr. or family is used to create an Individual Plan of Care. The Individual Plan of Care is essentially a master plan that outlines how a member’s care will be implemented. The Individual Plan of Care is an ever-changing document that is routinely revisited by physicians, nurses, direct care staff and family. Changes are made to the care plan as a member’s condition improves or worsens. Having a plan in writing is beneficial for everyone involved. Family members can feel more comfortable knowing exactly what kind of care their loved one will receive. Members are assured higher quality, consistent care to meet their changing needs and direct care staff has clearly defined roles. In short, everyone is on the same page working to achieve the same goals and objectives.


Our therapeutic recreational activity program is under the direction of a certified recreational therapist. Each activity can be modified and is designed to match the personal abilities and needs of all members with an emphasis on cognitive and sensory stimulation. The music and therapy enjoyed by members helps to reduce behaviors like agitation and wandering. The daily participation in physical exercise increases strength and stamina. The brain health activities like trivia, brain teasers and reminiscing increase cognition. Art therapy is an important creative outlet for people with Alzheimer’s allowing them to express themselves in a non-verbal way. At Daily Living ADC we believe that a person with Alzheimer’s does not have to give up the activities that he or she enjoys.


Medication Management is available to all individuals that attend Daily Living ADC Medication prescribed by a physician will be administered by a licensed nurse at the prescribed time and ordered dosage. You no longer have to worry if your loved one is taking and receiving important medications. The nurses at Daily Living ADC are here to partner with the physician to ensure success with this important task.

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